St Johns Shopping Centre Car Park Case Study

At a Glance

The St Johns Centre car park was struggling to recapture it’s pre pandemic performance. Apex Parking were engaged to help turn this pattern around and return the site to pre 2019 performance.


  • Reduced centre footfall from 2019
  • Major permanent road network changes restricting access to the car park.
  • Less than 10% of car park customers were known.
  • Price sensitive location.
  • Numerous competing car parks in the area.

Pre APEX Parking


On 2019 revenue numbers


On 2019 revenue numbers

Client Key Targets


Car park volume to return to 2019 levels within 18 months.


Car park revenue to return to 2019 levels within 18 months.


Build a database of known customers that represents over 20% of the overall car park trade.


Apex Parking identified three key areas that needed to be addressed in order to improve the car park performance:

Revised Pricing Structure

Improved Product Offering

Market, Market Market



Volume- 34% up in 2023 vs 2022

Vehicle volumes at St Johns in 2023 up by 34% vs 2022.


Revenue- 48% up 2023 vs 2022

Car park revenue at St Johns in 2023 up by 48% vs 2022.


40% of daily trade converted to known customers

Through the introduction of an online platform, Apex Parking were able to convert over 40% of the daily trade at St Johns from unknown to known customers.

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